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AWANA stands for Approved Workers Are Not Ashamed. This comes from scripture 2 Timothy 2:15 where the apostle Paul is encouraging Timothy to be diligent so he is approved by God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed.

 AWANA is an interactive program that is designed to help build lasting faith foundations for children. Our mission is to reach boys and girls and their families with the Gospel of Christ and to train them to serve Christ. AWANA offers each child the chance to connect with God's Word through exciting Bible lessons, crafts, music, games, and more.

We host four clubs based on age and school grade. The clubs are as follows:

Puggles            2-3 year old

Cubbies            3-5 year old

  Sparks             K-2nd Grade

      T&T               3rd-5th Grade

This exciting ministry meets each Wednesday from August through May. Our club meetings are broken into three parts. We start the evening with a large group session where we say our pledges, pray, have a Christ centered lesson, give out awards, and sing songs. The next session is the small group club time where we work on memorizing scripture. The last session is game time.







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